Columbus College of Art and Design

Founded in 1879, the Columbus College of Art and Design is one of the oldest art and design institutions in the nation. Located in the heart of Columbus, CCAD welcomes a creative and vibrant environment, in which students can explore the full potential of their artistic ability. From academic opportunities to a vast professional network in the city, students of all backgrounds have the tools to thrive at CCAD. Learn more about CCAD

Student population size
Small (∼1k)

Transfer population

Campus setting

60 Cleveland Ave, Columbus, OH 43215

Application deadlines

  • Fall semester: Rolling admission through mid-summer
    • Early deadline: December 1
    • Priority deadline: February 1
    • Rolling admission from February 1 to July 15
  • Spring semester: Apply by December 1 (recommended); rolling admission offered

Confirmation deadlines

  • Fall semester: Deposit deadline is May 1 or 30 days from admission if admitted after May 1
  • Spring semester: Typically 30 days from admission offer

Application fee

Learn more about admission to CCAD


  • In-state tuition: $36,500 per academic year + fees
  • Out-of-state tuition: $36,500 per academic year + fees

Learn more about tuition and fees at CCAD

On-campus: $9,995 to $12,690 per academic year, incl. meals

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Transfer student scholarships
Automatic consideration for merit-based and additional scholarships. Diversity Impact Scholarship and Endowment Scholarships available when entering in the Fall.

Tuition and housing costs listed here are based on data published by the National Center for Educational Statistics – actual costs may differ. Always check with the institution for the most accurate information.

General Education requirements
Art History, CORE Studio, Liberal Arts. Learn more about General Education requirements at CCAD

Friendly degree-completion programs (fastest way to degree)
Articulation agreements available with various community colleges in Ohio and Michigan:

  • Sinclair Community College for Advertising & Graphic Design, Fine Arts and Interior Design
  • Kalamazoo Valley Community College for Advertising & Graphic Design, Animation, and Illustration
  • Columbus State Community College for Advertising & Graphic Design and Photography
  • North Central State College for Advertising & Graphic Design

Programs with additional admission requirements
None listed

Programs accommodating non-traditional schedules (evenings, weekends, etc.)
Continuing Education, Adult Learning Opportunities

Credit accepted

Transcripts will be used to evaluate transfer credits to CCAD in a review with our academic advising counselors. CCAD uses official transcripts, art portfolios, and other measures to determine the transfer of credits and course equivalencies.

CCAD has transfer credit agreements with:

  • Columbus State Community College
  • North Central State College
  • Kalamazoo Valley Community College
  • Sinclair Community College

Learn more about transfer credit at CCAD

Transfer student resources

  • Academic Advising
  • Transfer Student Orientation
  • Counseling and Wellness Programs

On-campus apartments style option available and nearby off-campus apartment options.

Identity centers
Student Engagement and Inclusion and Support Centers

Clubs & organizations

32+ Learn more about clubs and organizations at CCAD